The Face of Cassia

Picture of Jill and her father, Harris.

Thanksgiving Letter Made Us Feel Thankful, Too

Shortly before Thanksgiving this year, our Director of Housing at Elim Wellspring in Princeton, Minnesota received the following letter from family member Jill Puffer: As we strive to create a compassionate, caring and home like community for seniors, receiving this letter was an incredible gift that is warming our hearts throughout the holiday season.

Unexpected Diagnosis Followed by Better News

“I just wanted to email you to extend my most sincere thanks to you all,” Jill wrote. “Four short months ago I was told by an Emergency Room doctor to prepare myself and my family for the worst, as my father was not pulling through his kidney failure. This news was shocking, unexpected, and upsetting. As fast as the bad news came on, however, we then received the good, also equally unexpected news of him making a full kidney recovery!

“However, now I was stuck between a rock and hard place trying to quickly find him a safe, loving place to go home to. I knew for a number of reasons that being at home with us was not the right solution. I struggled, and shed many tears, over many restless nights. 

Pieces Came Together

“Then, I met Joni and toured assisted living housing at Elim Wellspring. Growing up in Princeton, I have been familiar with the Elim Home, and remember when assisted living was built. But this was the first time I set foot into the building. It was warm and comforting and brought me a sense of peace.

“The entire process was overwhelming, but Joni was patient and reassuring. Michelle was so kind and caring when she met with my dad. He later commented to me how impressed he was by her professionalism. All the pieces came together and we were able to move dad in by the end of the month. 

Blossoming Social Butterfly

“Ever since move-in day, my dad has been surrounded by love and support from every single one of the staff members. I notice my own anxiety has gone down, since I know he is in a caring and protected environment. I know if something happens, there will be people there to immediately help him and contact me.

“Not only that, but he has truly started to blossom. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? This wallflower is now a social butterfly. I often catch him down in the foyer watching TV, or chatting with others. He tells me about exercises and coffee hour. This makes my heart burst with pride!

“Thank you so much for ALL that you do! You are ALL so appreciated! SO, SO much!”

Love to you all

Jill Puffer

Thank you, Jill! We also want to thank all those who support Elim Wellspring to elevate the quality of life for those we serve.